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Final results of the competition for the 7th Viva Film Festival 2021 From February 15th to April 30th, 2021, as ...
7th International VIVA FILM FESTIVAL will be held from September, 22nd to 26th
'It is an honor and a great pleasure to invite you to the upcoming 7th VIVA FILM FESTIVAL 2021, International ...
The Grand Prix for the best film achievement of the 6th International VIVA Film Festival was won by Waleska Santiago from Brazil, for the film “Sweet Poison”
The Grand Prix for the best film achievement of the 6th International VIVA Film Festival was won by Waleska Santiago ...


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It’s our great honor to invite you to the following 7th International festival of documentary and short film Viva Film Festival, that is going to be held in Sarajevo, and 17 other cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, from 22nd to 26th September 2021


Viva Film Festival

Like everything else, it started with an good idea

About us

The first Viva Film Festival was held from May 28 to 31, 2015. in Sarajevo. 430 films have applied for the official competition of the festival from almost all countries of the world. After three days of content, the Viva Film Festival in Sarajevo, Kakanj and Vareš, becomes a proud member of the IDA (International Documentary Association), and the official support of Mr. Al Gore, as well as directors of film festivals across the region. The second Viva Film Festival was held from June 1 to 5, 2016 in Sarajevo, and it numbered 2,180 films, submitted to the official competition of the festival.Parallel screenings were held in the festival centers Kakanj, Vareš, Sanski Most, Mostar, Lukavac, Puračić and Ljubuški.

The greatest success and pride of the second Viva Film Festival is the new festival category “Youth BH Film“, which was created as a result of Viva workshops for young people. The best authors are awarded cameras as prizes.

In June 2016, according to the votes of the authors, viewers and visitors of the Filmfreeway platform, the Viva Film Festival was selected in the TOP-100 world festivals in a competition of over 4,000 festivals. Viva Film Festival is at the same time a domestic and international competitive film festival of artistic achievements in the field of documentary film.The main idea for the organization of the same is the question of primordial human values, and the increasingly topical issue of biological survival on Earth. The main categories of the festival are religion, tourism and ecology. The project is officially supported by the High Representative Mr. Valentin Inzko, as well as all four cultural and religious communities and representatives of minorities in BiH, because it is the first Festival with this theme in this area. The Viva Film Festival runs throughout the calendar year. The first part of the festival are the projection-competition days of the festival, and the second part are the days of film workshops for young people called “VIVA SCHOOL OF FILM” which are held every year in 20 cities in BiH.

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