Victor, an entrepreneur in the production of bamboo bicycles, enters the Peruvian jungle in search of good quality canes that will allow him to continue his production.
In this arduous journey, he will enter the rugged places where these forests are located, encountering a palpable reality, which is the lack of forest care for bamboo.
After strenuous efforts, Victor will manage to find quality bamboo and thus manufacture this innovative eco-friendly bicycle that seeks to fight against climate change.




Directed by: Santiago Fierro

Across the planet, lives are changing as climate collapse alters the world around us. The worst impacts are being felt disproportionately by poor people who already live under precarious conditions and are now forced to adapt or relocate to survive. As a result, one person every 1.3 seconds leaves their home and their community due to climate-related impacts.

Bitterly, their stories rarely reach the global community. But hearing them is crucial for us all. Only by grasping the scope of the climate breakdown and understanding the personal implications of this collective tragedy, can we propose solutions that are both effective and just.

“Beyond Borders” profiles the people behind the statistics by providing the space for the stories of global heating witnesses from the Arctic to Bangladesh. It also features politicians and academics who help understand the complex link between the climate breakdown, international migration and violent conflict.



Directed By: Environmental Justice Foundation

The global problem of light pollution is growing exponentially every year, but we have not found a real solution to solve it yet.
The problem that negatively affects the lives of animals and plants, the work of astronomers, but most of all the health of each of us, although we are not yet aware of it.







Directed By: Matej Pok

In the Galapagos Islands, a group of scientists works to understand the movements of the world's largest fish – the whale shark. Without understanding their breeding and migrations, we cannot hope to protect them. The scientists of the Galapagos Whale Shark Project head north to Darwin Island to uncover the secrets of these ocean giants.







Directed By: Jeffrey Garriock

The documentary, Melting Landscapes – Glaciers, showing the slow, but constant melting of our earth’s glaciers and its relationship with climate change, was shot in Antarctica,
Argentina, Chile, Greenland and Iceland.
The study of our planet’s glaciers is key to understanding climate change.
Glaciers store 75% of our fresh water, reflect excess heat back to space and keep our planet cool.
A small air bubble trapped in ice millions of years ago possesses valuable information about past climate and analysing them provides direct data on when they were created.
Global warming is causing accelerated fusion of Arctic ice, the Greenland mantle and the most vulnerable regions of Antarctica, altering their habitats, ocean currents and the climate worldwide.
In listening to our earth’s glaciers recede in a disturbing silence, we are witnessing a change with no return, as each disappearing small ice particle slowly takes us one step closer to uncertain alteration.



Directed by: Pepe Molina Cruz

Antarctica – an infinite world of fearfully hanging glaciers cut by malicious cracks. Biting cold, cunning climate and countless secrets waiting to be revealed. The documentary takes viewers on a journey with the bulgarian famous musicians Theodosii Spasov and Hari Tsvyatkov to the ice continent. They will perform a concert for the most unconventional audience on Earth – a large colony of penguins. For the first time Bulgarian musicians create music in the coldest place on the planet, inspired by the majestic nature.
I am the director, screenwriter and cinematographer of the film.





Directed By: Jivko Konstantinov

Does Acre exist?

So many play without knowing the risks and tensions faced by this Brazilian state that has in itself one of the largest and most threatened heritage of humanity… the Amazon.




Directed By: Joao Inacio

We tell the story of a small but special regional town in during Australia's 2019-2020 Black Summer bushfire season.

We highlight the importance of community – everyday people doing extraordinary things to help our community survive and recover.

And we show our town's path to recovery. How we in Braidwood in New South Wales, faced our greatest existential threat, being surrounded by fire.




Directed By: Harrison Thane, Matt Thane

The main character remembers her childhood upon arrival to her homeland. Together with her younger self she goes through the memories of her home, the willow tree.





Directed By: Katarina Srejić

An elephant born in captivity seeks to achieve something similar to freedom





Directed By: Luciano Nacci