Film “Window To The Future” was produced at VIVA Film School 2019 He talks about the problems of young people, misunderstanding by society and the consequences of that…

Director: Enida Ismić, from Visoko

The film is also produced at VIVA film school 2019 and it shows the problem of bookmakers near educational institutions and that despite the choice it is difficult to resist the vice of gambling that is easily accessible.

Director: Karlo Miličević, from Kreševo

Film “Don't Be A Coward ” is a short story about  the problems of peer violence in society…

Director: Inis Žikić, from Orašje

The idea of the film “Maskembal” originated in the days of a pronounced fight against the corona virus and strict measures adopted in the name of preserving human health. Staying in the house for days, I decided to make a film about how to put my favorite device – the phone – in good function.
I wanted to show that over time we are not all our own, if we cannot socialize with our friends and extended family, how without such contacts we are left deprived of what makes us human in the true sense of the word,

says Emma Tuzlić, Director from Sarajevo.


Film “Ketkanjonci” – Visegrad
Directed, written by DP: Miroslav Tanaskovic
Tourists who come to Visegrad, CAT “Canyon” offers kayaking and SUP boarding on the river Drina.
The official website of “Ketkanjonaci” states that in addition to offering active vacation and staying in untouched nature, their project aims to raise people's awareness of the endangerment of rivers and the need for their ecological preservation.
Their slogan is “1 on 1 with the river – sail on an adventure on the Drina”.

Ivana Grbić, who attended the Viva Film School 2019, made her own film about one age, about high school and friendship. Ivana enrolled in Graphic Design in Banja Luka, majoring in photography.

Famous youtuber Nikki publishes news about the virus and how to prevent it. The video is spreading fast on the Internet and reaching record numbers of views. Young people are in a panic. The tension is spreading. Fortunately, it is learned that this was fake news, which gives everyone a sense of relief. Director: Rijad Iširlija from Visoko