68 centimeters. That's how big an 8 month old child is, that starts to discover the world with curiosity. The height of a side table is also 68 centimeters. 68 centimeters is the point of view for 8 cinematic miniatures from the 19th district of the city of Vienna: Döbling. With 60 shots, impressions of special places; without movement and excitement – just the moments.
This is miniature number 2 – Nussdorf.






Directed By:

Christian Filek

In Chiang Mai, Thailande, a community of jazz musician is growing stronger. They worked hard to open a cooperative jazz bar to play every day.








Lecercle Thomas

A journey. A journey to explore a land that was once rich in resources and culture, but then was neglected and left behind. A beautiful and one of a kind place with amazing scenery and quite a story. A story of leaving home, defeating enemies, building a heritage only to leave again.

Join us on a two-wheeled adventure and discover the incredible history of Saxon Transylvania, from its golden age through its downfall to its revival. Experience Transylvania, as it once was, from the first row.

Soak up the sun in Mediaș, feel the cool stone of the weathered Cobor fortress, and get into the hustle and bustle of the grand market in Sibiu! You will long to return.

Zoltan Ferko
Engin has lived near the ancient city of Troy for 46 years. He has been working as a worker in Troy excavations since 2000 and produces gift wooden horses as an additional job. Without realizing it, Engin lives with mythology and transforms mythology. Engin interprets the story of Troy, told by archaeologists and academics, according to himself.
Ülkü Sönmez

Documentary, Short…

Dimitris Pathiakis

No Man is an Island, yet we are all looking for one – Your Island Pag

Humans are not islands, for themselves. An island is not for itself either. It awaits our arrival with open arms, it has so much to give us. Its inhabitants, the islanders, love their island of Pag. They also love the people who visit them.

“No man is an island!” is not only a verse, a thought or a tourist slogan. It represents the concept of living and welcoming , an appeal, a message, a call to human nature that aims to connect.

We travel as tourists to connect with our hosts, with new places and irresistible nature. Today's modern tourism on the island of Pag can offer every tourist a unique island experience, a pure contact with the “soul of the island” and everything that Pag has to offer.

The pristine expanse of the lunar landscape, the biblical tranquility and inspiring backdrop of the ancient Lun olive groves, the blue sea and the golden glow of the luxurious warm sand will provide not only a sense of isolation, but also a sense of complete connection. We are here for you, our tourists, and we are here for each other! Therefore, our island of Pag is the island you are looking for. It is your island of Pag!

Organization and Production: Tourist Boards of Novalja, City of Pag, Kolan, Stara Novalja, Povljana
Film production: Moonstone Production d.o.o.


Director: Antea Ratković

After the recent death of his wife, Ananías dedicates his efforts to survive, he has dedicated himself to the care of a coffee plant that's in the back of his home, fortunately for Ananías the people of the Mesa de los Santos are characterized by their humility and goodness, hence they are very fond of him.

Ananías, due to his age, has several health problems, especially when walking, which makes it difficult for him to work, one day and without further thought Ananías begins to collect the
coffee fruits already roasted by the sun, he takes a paper bag and start putting them in it, in order to set out on his way to a new opportunity, meeting on the way with friends who help him to reach his destination.

Finally Ananías arrives at the most prominent coffee plantation in the municipality and gives a sample of his
work to the owner who smelling it and tasting it, realizes the potential of Ananías giving him an opportunity to stop surviving and to start living peacefully and happily.


Directed by:

Absalón Rincón Muñoz

The traveling girl is confined at home due to the 2020 pandemic, that makes her reflect and from the perspective of the girl she once was, face the future with the illusion and innocence of childhood.









Director : Javier Salazar

Dunta is one of the most beautiful villages in North Ossetia. Only 30 people live here at an altitude of almost 2000 meters above sea level. One of them is Alan Baysangurov, a former pilot who now breeds yaks, is engaged in agriculture and enjoys his native nature.









Director : Inna Makieva

Antiques usually reflect the history of countries and its culture and civilization, but sometimes they also reflect the history of the local families who acquired them throughout their lives and their ancestors’ lives and made a living out of its trade. The film follows the journey of two Egyptian families that trade in Antiques and traces their stories, memories and aspirations to the future despite the seemingly dim situation nowadays.





Directed By: Reham Emam

“Food for the Soul” “Food for the Soul” is a tourist show in which Radmilo Bumber, an experienced tourist guide, travels through the Balkan countries with a mission to unite tourism and hedonism. In this episode, we follow his journey to Sarajevo. In which he will visit both well-known and lesser-known localities with the intention of showing us the taste and charm of Sarajevo.







Directed By: Mlađen Minić