A smelly documentary
Ancient Egypt is a period in which perfume enthusiasm is incredible and almost everything from clothes to horses are perfumed… In addition, the contribution of Medieval Islamic World to world perfumery is mentioned in the documentary which also touches on the Roman period, Byzantine, Middle East, Islamic World and the history of perfumery in Modern Europe. and original formulas. In this documentary, all kinds of details about perfumes imported from Europe, cologne production and fragrance in the Republican period can be considered.


Directed By:

Sahin Yigit

All villages in Serra da Lousã (Portugal) had cork oaks.
In the Entrudo, traditional Carnival, the old Cortiços were used as Masks.
It was a day when almost anything was worth.

Todas as aldeias da Serra da Lousã tinham sobreiros.
No Entrudo, os velhos Cortiços eram utilizados como Máscaras.
Corriam as aldeias de Góis para declamar as mordazes Quadras Jocosas e pregar partidas.
Era um dia em que valia quase tudo.

Director – Tiago Cerveira

Cordoba, 1970s. It is established that the best place to build a dam is over a town called El Salto, which has a church, a school, houses, and inhabitants who spent all their lives there.
Nowadays, they are the ones in charge of keeping this little Atlantis afloat with pictures, descriptions and stories which they will complete together.
Opposition and humor will play a role when it comes to figuring out if there is anything under the water.

  • Melisa Giordano
  • Hernan Rimoldi



Come to Southern Styria – A tourism & image film for the region of Southern Styria

Produced by wolke blau GmbH for Tourismusregion Südsteiermark


Christian Taferner

A study of the rituals of the Qashqai Turkic tribe regarding fire.

Ali Bolandnazar

In the mountainous regions of eastern Serbia, Vlach folk created shepherds’ “songs without words”. Eighty-five-year-old Stana preserves the memory of a specific way of singing and tries to pass it on to her daughter Zivojka.


Director – Predrag Todorović

A documentary film about the meaning of being Mexican.


Director – Mario Orozco

Aala KANZALI, founder of the most important French-speaking blog on Japan, sets out to discover the pilgrimage of Chichibu, Saitama prefecture in Japan.
This 105 km journey through the mountains and surrounding cities is one of the oldest pilgrimages in Japan, crossing 34 sacred sites dedicated to the Boddhisatva Kannon through the ancient province of Chichibu (now Saitama prefecture).



Director – Lucas Rue

A young musician is seeking inspiration through personal memories indirectly connected with the famous landmark that was destroyed in terrible storm. Inspiration is reflected through nostalgic moments of her love life. These emotions will affect her in an attempt to create a beautiful song.


Director – Aleksa Ristovic

We needed few months in the North Island of New Zealand, to uncover its inhabitants’s secrets. With this film, we want to share who are kiwi people through their work, their hobbies, and their culture, highlighting the Māori culture.



Directed By:

Candice et Jean-Emmanuel