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Even if the wounds of the past are closed and you forgive all those who have hurt you, the pain always remains in your heart. An intimate portrait of María José Arroyo's life, tracing the scars of her past and discovering the medicine of her soul.

Director: Rafa Arroyo


The only son of one Montenegrin family has just died in a car accident – they lost head of the family. A poem with tears is heard – a lament. It is sung by his elder sister. Apart from representing mourning, a lament is one of the prerequisites for the dead person’s crossing over to the other side.

“To beflower marble” is a story of a sister and a brother – about grief, death, but also about hope and love we put in a new life, because “from gone falcon chick remains” as his sister says…

Director: Sara Stijovic

The plot develops in a cemetery in a village, where the gravedigger digs a tomb with a gold coin on the day of the funeral. At the tomb where he found gold coins, he met a six-year-old girl who thinks that the gravedigger comes from the world where his father left. So he goes to the cemetery a couple of days and gives him a letter to give it to his father.
Letter – where the girl has mentioned the domestic difficulties, and on the other hand and the place where the gravedigger works, he does not keep the gold coins for himself, and gives them to the girl, telling her that her father sends them from the other world, who although he was disabled, there he has healed and works a lot.
In the end, the girl wants to have her father's tomb written as in others, but unlike other inscriptions written “Rest in Peace”, she wished for her father's inscription to write “Here Works my father”.

Director: Arsim Fazlija

The life story of Jovica Bacvanski, Pastor of the Protestant Evangelical Church “Christ's Gospel”. The story is heart breaking and deep, following Jovica on the thorny path on which he met God.

Director: Jovan Bačvanski
Near future. Madam Victoria is the last inhabitant of the city. After a sequence of events, humanity began a new era on the New Earth. One of the few remaining cities on Earth that are still standing, is for sale. With the arrival of the mysterious Adam, Madam Victoria visits familiar places, now covered with dust. Will they manage to find understanding and is Adam a suitable buyer?
Director: Lukas Vizner

Father Artur Kaproń from a small parish in the village of Osiecznica in Poland is passionate about bodybuilding. He has been practicing from an early age, before he even decided to enter the seminary. Exercises in the gym and bodybuilding fill the time between the duties of a Catholic priest – the celebration of Holy Mass, the administration of the sacraments and organizational matters, and exercises. His day is calculated to the minute, so as to find time for intense almost daily workouts at the gym. The unusual “other side” of the priest makes the priest attract people who are far from fulfilling their Catholic duties – he even happened to confess during training. What does the life of a man who simultaneously cares for the physical and spiritual spheres look like? Can a priest become a bodybuilder?

Director: Szymon Wasylów

Young and at that time, according to many, a promising journalist, photojournalist, author of reports and shows on the Zagreb media, „Radio 101“, „OTV“, „HTV“ and „Vjesnik“, Hrvoje Gospočić today lives a completely different life in democracy and freedom. He felt first-hand how society can influence the individual and what liberal capitalism is and how easy it is to fall victim to a well-networked system of greedy people. Hrvoje says in the film “they stole one apartment from me and I stole ten from them”. This is in a way true, because after losing his home in strange and behind-the-scenes games, he decides to be a “dissident” and not a “homeless person”, because it is a struggle for the soul, and he wants to keep it no matter how hard and humiliating it is.


Directed By:

Ivan Mihaljević

ANIMA is a short documentary film created with the goal of decreasing violence against animals by raising awareness of what different faiths teach about compassion, animals, and the environment.  The film features leaders across religious and cultural backgrounds including: Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Jainism, the Baha'i, and members of First Nations/Native American communities. 



Directed by:

Jennifer Jessum

Wherá Tupã, a 109 year old Guarani spiritual leader, who bears the disappearing ancient wisdom of the Sacred Fire. Sharing scenes from a ritual never fully filmed before, this documentary short film puts in evidence this elder’s sharp sensibility, which allows him to heal other people from spiritual and physical illness alongside the Fire with the help of the gods: the Sacred Fire allows him to see the illness inside a body and extract it without ever surgically opening the patient, materializing it in the form of stones that soon vanish on his hands. He asks “who will pass on the wisdom of the Fire?” and reflects upon their relationship with the juruá (non-indigenous), while explaining the Guarani cosmovision.

Director: Rafael Coelho

Voodoo Day is a public holiday and it is more than a belief system, it is a complete way of life, including culture, philosophy, language, art, dance, music and medicine.

The gods are so close here that you don’t even need a priest to act as a middleman between you and them. You simply speak directly with the spirits who will pass on your messages and requests. It’s said that anything you ask for will come true within a year.


Directed By: Oyinlomo Ibrahim Sule