Applications for “Viva School of Film 2018” started

Applications for “Viva School of Film 2018” started

For institutions

You are the principal of a primary, secondary school, cultural center or some other educational institution. You are a leader of a cultural-artistic society, or you may be a member of an association or organization. You want to be part of the Viva School of Film project and want to organize a workshop in your institution. You’re in the right place. Fill out the form and SIGN UP! for the School of Film “From Idea to Realization”.

For students

You love the movie, enjoy watching, but you have never taken part in the shoot, but you want to try it. With “Viva School of Film” you will not only learn how, but you will do it practically, film a movie, and in addition, learn many other practical things from the world of film and film production. You’ll get acquainted with all the movie professions. Contact us and find out if the “Viva School Comes” to your environment, or collect a team, so that you can sign up and enjoy with us in the film world. SIGN UP!

We hope for our fellowship

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