The program of the 6th VIVA Film Festival today includes screenings of 10 selected films in the category of religions.

On the third day of the Festival, meet an unusual group of people who reject traditional methods of practicing religion and find their own way to spirituality by watching the film “Sowers of the Soul” (Malgorzata Szyszka). How to present Buddhist motifs and products of the global market and entertainment industry on the same screen? Find out in Komeil Soheili’s film “Branches and Brushes”. The combination of old and new, past and modern reality, a mixture of native and Christian culture will evoke the story of a miraculous festival in the film “Amazon, the Holy Hills” (Lia Beltrami). A unique festival is also held in northeastern India. Prayer street performances are organized to clean the streets. “Spiritual Message of Sualkuchiia” is a film by Anupama Baishya, and it presents an incredible idea of ​​purity that makes this Indian village special.
Lizzie Berne DeGear and Martha Mapes present “Adam (Adam’s Revised Rib), an animated short film about a biblical story (we thought we all knew).
“Osmildo” (Pedro Daldegan), fights to save the mother tongue, differentiated indigenous schools, sacred rituals, traditional medicine and the land of the Kuntanawa tribe.
The film on calligraphy, an art that depicts Islamic heritage, culture and tradition (“Noqte” is brought to us by Emir Valinezhad), and Simone Pizzi, author of “Like You”, will describe interpersonal relationships through meetings of believers from different countries within the Milan area.
Immerse yourself in the world of ancient pagan magic through the eyes of a young person of the modern world in the film “Whispers” directed by Weronika Frycz, after which we travel to Serbia where you will meet an unusual Orthodox priest, his way of life and understanding of the universe in the film “Father Arsenija”, directed by Svetlana Cemin .

Online screenings of films are held in three terms, in order to be available to authors from different time zones, starting at 12.00, 20.00 and 01.00 after midnight, and it is possible to watch the films on www.vivaba.com.

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