Students 14
Movie Antracit

For two years now, Kakanj is a festival center where VIVA film festival is held for religious, ecological, tourist and youth documentary films. As a continuation of these beautiful festivals in the Public Institution Cultural and Sports Center Kakanj (JSC KSC), the VIVA workshop “Documentary Film, from Idea to Realization” was held. As a result of this workshop, a documentary film titled “Anthracite” was recorded. The film was taken by the workshop participants based on the acquired knowledge. In the first lesson, young students gained basic knowledge of dramaturgy, film history and the process of creating a documentary film. The second part of the workshop was going to the field, and filming a documentary film, that is, a practical work with professional video and audio equipment that the participants themselves handled under the supervision of the lecturer. On the third day of the workshop the participants were working on filmmaking, narrative, postproduction and analysis of the finished product. Participants of the VIVA workshop were Hanko Sikira, Haris Mujić, Timur Aletović, Tarik Alajbegović, Irnis Marušić, Merima Krivokapa, Isa Barakat, Naser Pačariz, Lejla Mehanović, Esma Mehić and Ahmed Kubat. Their documentary film “Antracit” will be presented in the competition part of the VIVA film festival in the category of youth film and thus gain the opportunity to be awarded one of the three award-winning professional video recording equipment provided by VIVA’s workshop AVTERA BH d.o.o.