Students 11
Movie U mreži

The Viva Wagon is from 21.07. to 24.07. guest in Sarajevo. Our hosts, young Sarajli, have made an excellent movie “In Network” that deals with the problem of today’s youth that is encircled by mobile devices and the internet. They say they are happy with the experience and have learned a lot about the movie and the film production process itself. They expect their film to be admitted to the jury as well as to the public and will be one of the potential candidates to win some of the prizes at the VIVA Film Festival 2017. We remind that the VIVA film school project, “From Idea to Realization”, lasts all year long all interested young people from BiH can participate in it. The project is supported by the Open Society Fund of BiH, the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports and Canon BiH. Let’s go on … VIVA!