Students 12
Movie Kolo (ne)sreće

Representatives of the Viva Film Festival were in a three-day visit to Orašje and the Orašje Culture Center. The repertoire is the film workshop “From idea to realization” and filming with young people. At the invitation of the Orašje Culture Center, 11 high school students, interested in this project, were invited to the film workshop. “The Viva Film Festival is an international festival of documentary films that follows three categories – ecology, religion and tourism, and from last year, from the second edition, she also included “Youth Film” as a category exclusively for the youth that these films are doing alone. Festive workshops are conceived and practiced in the way that the first day, through the theoretical part, talks to young people about ideas, scripts and roles, the second day is practically with professional equipment (camera, lighting, microphones), tones and video recording , and the third and final day is going to be assembled, which is the crown of the workshop. This year there are 20 workshops, all the films that will be on them will take part in the competition part of the Viva Film Festival in the ninth month in the category “Youth Film” and the three best will be awarded with Canon’s professional camera, “producer Goran Lukic . He did not hide his satisfaction with the commitment and ideas that young people have. So far, they have visited 17 cities in BiH and intends to organize these workshops in all places in BiH, where there are interested young creative people. Through film workshops young people are encouraged to the creativity they already have, to choose their own idea and script, and the result will not be missed. The project is based on the BBC’s program, and 11 young people are quite enough for the media like Oras, where everyone will have the opportunity to prove and participate in the film. Lukić hopes and believes that Oraš will be the 10 festival center of the documentary film, because the idea of ​​the Viva Film Festival is to be the festival of all the cities. What is certain is that Lukić emphasized that every year such workshops will be held in Orašje, because young people have an interest, and it is on them that this story lives a long time. The director’s role in the film that will be filmed by young people in Orašje was taken by Viktorija Oršolić, a pupil of two grammar school classes, while Josip Arlović, a student of the 3rd grade of medical profession, entrusted the role of scriptwriter. They reported on the workshop due to new experience and companionship, but also to learn a lot of new things. Josip would like to have a film in the future as well, and this workshop is, he says, a great opportunity for the initial steps, he has already written a play and is also trying to play the role of the script. For their first movie career, they decided for a kind of horror dedicated to addictions such as Finger Spinner. Josip did the text, the team accepted it, they selected Orašje for the location, and the area around the school and their goal was to say things are unpredictable. They are aware of the strong competition at the festival in September but also that they will do their best to do it better and better, and optimally hope for the best. We want them a lot of startling luck!