Students 12
Movie Stolac, mi imamo sve

The Viva team spent three days in the sunny Stocac, where from April 14th to April 16th, a film workshop “From idea to realization of documentary film” for youth in BiH was held. High school students from Stolac have designed, filmed and realized the film “Stolac, we have everything!” which they want to draw public attention to the division problem in this city. “In a sarcastic manner, we tried to show the beauty of our Stock, but also the segregation we live with here,” said author Harun Pirić. Stolac is a rich cultural and historical center and abounds in fantastic locations for filming. These young people have shown this to us and their film, which will take part in the Viva Film Festival in September 2017, will surely turn the attention of a wider auditorium. Working with young and creative people in such an environment is really refreshing and it gives us new energy for further work, they say from the Viva Team, which continues next weekend with its mission.