Return - Yasin Erda, Cihangir Öztürk, Turkey

Is a human being obligated to lead a life incompatible with his or her nature? Refusing a life focused on sucess and status, where does one turn to? This documentary is observing the new lives of people who has found answers to these questions.

Hunters - Benjamin Bucher, Switzerland

A man releases a huge balloon in the dark night… In the south of France, two men lead us through crisscrossing roads, armed with GPSes and maps, on a strange treasure hunt. An observational and absurd road movie, where it is a matter of climbing up trees, celestial explosions and mysterious links between men separated by hundreds of kilometres.

2121 Ilija Dimitrijević Serbia

There was global disaster at the end of the twenties of the 21st century. Most of life on planet Earth has disappeared. The remaining small human populations distributed here and there in the world were isolated in sanctuaries. Exit from the sanctuaries was strictly forbidden.
One hundred years later one man dared to escape from sanctuary in the territory of the former state of Serbia searching for human life in the outer world. That what he found on location was defeatable.

Kalangala Dreams Daniel Hedström Sweden

The Kalangala region in Uganda depends largely on fishing. 19-year-old Ismael is a fisherman who dreams of a different life. In a village plagued by alcoholism and hard work, we get an insight into his life, which revolves around hopes, aspirations and comradery.

The Most Beautiful Catastrophe Andrej Žabkay Slovakia

APART collective made a visit to the region of upper Nitra to film a short movie, concerning coal mining and its impact on the living environment. It is our contribution, on how we try to approach ever so more growing threat of the climate change, which became a crucial topic for us to examine by artistic and activistic means. The film ties to the last year's exhibition Continuously Growing Underground Stems: Geopoetics in time of Anthropocene, where we worked in close cooperation with Lukáš Likavčan to elaborate the topic of technological progress and its impact on global warming and on the contrary, the question of geopoetical writing with the planet, not about the planet.

The Southern Right Whale Kevin Zaouali Argentina

A hymn to nature, a cinematographic poem.
A complete sensory immersion in the heart of the Patagonian sea following the life of southern right whales.
Concentrating on the emotions and details of nature to understand and sensitize.

Leonardo Bastião, the illiterate poet Jefferson Sousa Brazil

In the rural area of the small town of Itapetim, in the interior of the brazilian state of Pernambuco, Leonardo Bastião lives, a poet who never learned to read and write, but who built through his popular poetry an amazing cultural universe about the connectivity of the people of a semiarid region with nature and god. After almost seven decades of anonymity, Leonardo's videos declaiming his verses have reached millions of views on the internet and even spawned a book transcribed by fans. In 2019, at age 74, Leonardo reflects on life, nature and the passed, while scholars of popular culture try to explain the mediatic and linguistic phenomenon that is his life and work.

Anomaly Eva Lammelová Czech Republic

Passionate entomologist Vojta describes collapse of ecosystem. Huge number of animal species is dying and butterflies are amongst those that disappear from our nature quickly. But there is one another drama in the voice over of the movie: conflict between director and cameraman (who is also editing) about the final version of movie. Czech landscape is changing rapidly. Some of animal species have no time to adapt new requirement. There is one project trying to return tradional way of farming and simulate ideal conditions for life of some animal and plant species. However, there is big discussion between authors of movie in the cutting room: How to attract public attention to genocide of insect in the overwhelming flood of the current media content?

Saakkhelu - Mateo Leguizamón Colombia

The Saakhelu Kiwe Kame is a ritual of the Nasa indigenous peoples of Colombia, which deals with the revitalization of mother earth in the context of global warming and post-conflict Colombia.

The Sacred Place Where Life Begins Kristin Gates, Jeremy Là Zelle USA

It's best to experience what you're fighting for. When two adventurers embark on a dangerous four-month expedition documenting the world’s longest land mammal migration through the Arctic Refuge of Alaska and Canada, they soon discover an incredible ecosystem protected by the Gwich’in Nation for more than 25,000 years, yet held on the precipice of collapse by resource development corporations.

Unexplored Konjuh Renato Cottalasso, Nicolò Roccatagliata Italy

CISP’ project “BIOSVI – Biodiversty for sustainable local development in Bosnia Herzegovina” The Wildlife in the Protected Landscape Konjuh, Tuzla Canton “

A beautiful wine ? A beautiful life! Benoit Cassegrain France

Facing the industrialisation of viticulture, winegrowers decided to reverse the way. Since years now, the family Cousin makes biodynamic natural wine, using animal traction.

What's the result ? A beautiful wine. But also a beautiful life !

The Firefox Guardian Gunjan Menon India

Red Panda numbers are dangerously decreasing and there could be less than 2500 red pandas left in the wild.But an unconventional warrior has devoted her life to fight all forces that are against her and her beloved Red Pandas.The Firefox Guardian takes you on a mesmerizing journey through dense bamboo jungles in Nepal while exploring a special bond between the unique ‘Firefoxes’ and Menuka, a simple village girl.In this twelve-minute story, we follow Menuka, the first female forest guardian working with the Red Panda Network, as she tries to find a Panda juvenile to see if last season’s wild Panda reproduction was successful.This film provides a unique window into the lives of the Forest Guardians and through their eyes, the life of the rarely documented endangered Red Pandas in the wild.

Tavaha Bjarke Hvorslev Denmark

“Tavaha” is a nordic expression for taking care of the ocean, and is a short documentary about Simen Knudsens perspective on plastic pollution and why he contributes.

Two CC Water Mehdi Falamarzi Iran

The importance of water for the life and The lack of water, equals with the war for future.

Cultural route of Becharac & Ganga Alen Kocic Koc Croatia / BiH

The common challenge is to establish a permanent, high-quality tourism destination management based on the valorization of cultural heritage. The project approach in addressing the common challenges is the development of cultural heritage based on “Becharac and Ganga” – the forms of folk songs protected by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage. Both towns have protected the names “Becharac Museum” in Pleternica and “Ganga Museum” in Tomislavgrad as intellectual property (label) and as such are unique in CRO and BiH. This excellent foundation for the restoration and preservation of cultural and historical heritage is also an ideal opportunity to develop cross-border tourism and cultural events.

The Fight For The Arctic Andreas Ewels Germany

The Arctic ice is retreating due to climate change. The region’s once inaccessible raw materials have caught the attention of major world powers. And the tourism industry has also discovered the Arctic for their interests. More and more further north, the cruise ships come to previously untouched regions.

Finding Bees Milán Jurkovics, Zsolt Poroszka Magyar Hungary

The biosphere of our planet is teeming with various landscapes. We are prone to get carried away thinking that these endless landscapes can only be molded by the vast forces of nature. The truth is, that tiny creatures in great number and in perfect unity can achieve great things together. As the modern man appeared, the bees became endangered. If humanity kills the bees with environmental pollution, it will cause an irreversible ecological disaster. But technology turns danger into an opportunity. The qualities of this planet make it possible that even more bees can coexist with nature. With environmentally conscious decisions the bee population can grow. Which scenario will come to pass? It depends only on us.

The Prehistoric Night Of Venus And Mars - Dario Puharić Croatia

The right bank of the River Danube in eastern Croatia was settled by people of the Vučedol culture in the early third millennium B.C. This leading cultural formation between 3000 and 2500 B.C. strongly influenced the other cultures of the time and has left noticeable marks on the entire heritage of Europe. It coexisted with the Sumerian period in Mesopotamia, the building of pyramids in Egypt, and the early layers of Troy. The Vučedolians were the first people to have mastered time—the first culture that made a calendar!

Where do Ants go - Nisvet Hrustić , BIH

They are all around us.

They exist for more than 100 million years.

They are brave and not afraid of anything.

They live in large communities.

They are the most successful species on Earth.


Atl-Chipactli (Clear water) Luis Enrique Cruz Trujillo, Mexico

Water pollution problem, bad use and massive exploitation water are a global issue. They affect human life style and different living organisms. People and scientist interested have been worked to make it better also creating new sustainable using ways. All this made by biologists, making in the same time awareness where it is the main goal about this natural resource problem.

Message from the stern deck Andi Imam Prakasa Indonesia

A maritime sailing expedition, a moment to live in the past, a time to embrace the energy of this nation's maritime culture, a time to enjoy the simplest things. Sailing around the seas of Indonesia archipelago, the home of the Indonesians.

Who Am I? Jaka Polutnik Slovenia

Our planet is our only home, but too often we act recklessly with it and we do not want to burden ourselves with the consequences of our actions. Experts and scientists have been pointing out the consequences already for a long time, but what can we do by ourselves to preserve our planet? Random people of random professions think about pollution with plastics, its effects on our every day and our diet, how we can help ourselves, and which values we have forgotten to respect. And who am I to preserve our planet?

A long story short Andrei Olănescu Romania

A snail has a journey. He meets a lost mirror and he thinks that his life has an important purpose. The snail is curious about his own reflection until everything gets lost in his mind and the dream of the snail becomes confused…

Two meters above the ground Artem Prudentov Russian Federation

This is about a freedom with horses. No city, no internet, no anything. Only you and your horse.

Gwylvos; Forests Beneath the Waves Matt Biggs United Kingdom

Beneath the turbulent waters of Cornwall, a stone's throw from the shore, are lush meadows, deep valleys and vast forests bursting with life and colour. Filmmaker Matt Biggs spent 14 months free diving amongst the towering Kelp plants documenting their growth and destruction as warm nutrient rich summer currents give way to violent winter storms.
The film features an original score created by some of the most talented musicians currently working in North Devon.

Nature_Nature Karl Vouk Austria

The film shows the process of Lignite extraction from tree felling to opencast mining restoration. The Sorbian villages and culture have been cleared out since 1924: 136 locations have disappeared – 125 were German-Sorbian bilingual villages. The film explores the coexistence of constitutional law and ecology. An allegory for the vanished locations is an artificial pond – where thousands of fire-bellied toads were resettled. The acoustic analogy to the missing balance of human rights vs. ecology is found in the swapped audio – toads for the sound of the opencast mining machines.

Aotearoa - Paulo Ferreira, Portugal

Nature knows what she does. She knows the right place for each tree, each mountain, each cloud, each bird, each breath of wind, each person. Nature knows, since we’re part of it, we know too, or at least we should know. It seems we’re forgetting…
The time has come to remember who we are, where we come from and what we are here for.

77.00% Guido Manuilo Chile

77% is a short documentary recently done as part of the 53rd Scientific Expedition to Antarctica.
This piece, directed by Guido Manuilo with original musical score by Carlos Cohl, brings us closer to man’s biggest treasure and raises questions on how humans will face their future.

Afternoon Raspberries- Gligor Kondovski, North Macedonia

A story about two lonely old people and their expression of love. DANITA (68) and DIME (72) meet in a park. The two are lovers of raspberries, and both bring with them a small raspberry bag. Dime leaves. Danica goes after him. He does not reach him because Dime goes in an unknown direction. The next day Danica goes back to the park hoping to meet him again. He does not meet him. He goes down the street as he sees Dime's poster that he is dead. At the end, Danica sees a picture in her living room and through this photograph we discover that Dime was the first love of Danica.

4th Wall Dimitris Gkotsis Greece

“The 4th Wall” is the side of the society that remains invisible, but similar throughout the globe. The only significant difference is people’s characteristics. 
A world that is reproducing it self in order to produce, surviving rather instinctively.
The film is based on the notes of a ten-month trek.

Yurt  Iván Perinango Spain

While waiting for winter, the family is provisioned for the great Siberian cold that is coming…