Fleeting Autumn - Vojtec Domatil, Czech Republic

Collection of audiovisual Haiku poems by Vojtěch Domlátil.
Stopmotion poetry, oscilating between animation, documentary and experiment. Transforming Haiku poetry based on 5-7-5 syllables to the audiovisual form using 5-7-5 second shots structure. Shot during two month art residency in Japan.

Zbirka audio-vizualnih pjesama Haiku-a Vojtěch Domlátil.
Stopmotion poezija, oscilirajući između animacije, dokumentarca i eksperimenta.Transformacija Haiku poezije zasnovane na 5-7-5 slogova u audio-vizualni oblik koristeći strukturu snimaka 5-7-5 sekundi. Snimljeno tokom dvomjesečnog umjetničkog boravka u Japanu.

Weltschmerz - Anja Kavić, BiH

Sometime is not easy to talk about feelings, and things that we always wanted to know but we were to afraid to ask. Maybe there is a recipe for that, but I don’t know it. Only recipe I know it’s for the apple cake, and I’m sure that with this apple cake you’ll be able to express your feelings and ask any question you want.

Ponekad nije lako razgovarati o osjećajima i stvarima koje smo oduvijek željeli znati, ali uplašili smo se pitati.Možda postoji recept za to, ali ja to ne znam.Jedini recept znam je kolač od jabuke i sigurna sam da ćete pomoću ove torte od jabuka moći izraziti svoje osjećaje i postaviti svako pitanje koje želite.

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Colors of Germiyan - Aziz Alaca, Turkey

Germiyan village was just a road stop. Until the inhabitants decide to introduce their village by turning their homes into cafes.
Nuran's story begins with the unvarnished chairs, she orders for her cafe.
She paints her own chairs. Then the walls. The village blooms as she paints and it flourishes all-round.

Germijansko selo bilo je samo zaustavljanje na putu.Sve dok stanovnici ne odluče uvesti svoje selo pretvarajući svoje domove u kafiće.
Nuranova priča započinje neopremljenim stolicama, koje naručuje za svoj kafić.
Oslikava svoje stolice.Onda zidovi.Selo cvjeta dok slika, a cvjeta cjelokupno.

The Road Of The Lamb - Caroline Poisson, Belgium

In December, 2017, Caroline Poisson accompanies Everyone is Guilty, a band from Liège of Alternative Country/Dark Western in a road-trip in Denver, Colorado. She follows Mirco, Pierre and Jérôme, left joining Slim Cessna's studio, symbolic musician.It’s the story of an album which spells and records after a long hope. It’s the story of the links which weave, of the discovery between musicians in 12000 kilometers of distance and which nevertheless join, understand and gather by the sound anchored of the gross guitars and the vibrating percussions of their music. Because it was the stake in their journey : record their album in this mythical place, with the man whom they admire so much.

The Spirit Of Flatness - Pawel Jaworski, Poland

Documentary film about traveling through the country of Finland, snowboarding and figuring out practice of this sport in such difficult (flat) geographical conditions, practically without any mountains. As you know Finland has some of the best snowboarders in the world, so we invited two interesting profesjonal riders – Janne Lipsanen and Axel Thelen to our trip. They will tell us and show us how can snowboarding be done in Finland In the film, we are driving deep in to the Arctic Circle and also show the highest mountain top where probably no one was ever riding on snowboard before .Axel and Janne like most of Finnish riders never saw their “mountains” ,thats why we decided to do this trip. In this Story we solve the mystery of such a big and the same time great culture of snowboarding there .

Good Tidings - Sebastiano Luca Insinga, Italy

When the climate in the Mediterranean returns mild, boats full of migrants leave from the coasts of Africa and Asia trying to reach Europe, the “promised land”.

On a summer night, Bochra arrived on a beach in Sicily with over 130 people on board. All soon escaped. And Bochra remained alone in the limbo between sea and earth… until the tourists arrived.

Rios Patagonicos - M.Leclere, B. Fromento, France

For several years, the association Regard sur L’Aventure has been organising scientific exploration and sportive expeditions.
In 2018, the “Rios Patagonicos” expedition took 15 canyoneers to stride the immensity of Chilean Patagonia, in search for rivers and waterfalls. Their goal: explore untouched territories, spot and open over 30 canyons, on a unique territory, where canyoneering discipline is close to non-existent.
For some, “Rios Patagonicos” is the opportunity to go on an expedition for the first time. For others, more skilled canyoneers, the occasion to share their experience, at times on a difficult terrain.
In the heart of Patagonian glacier valleys, all gather around a same desire: share a sportive and humane adventure.

The Santiago Diaries - Peter Klausz, Hungary

Each year thousands of people walk the Camino de Santiago. This collective documentary tries to capture the experiences pilgrims from all over the world share on their journey by making a collage from their videos and diaries from the road.

Tskaltubo - Jordi Linares, Spain

During the Soviet period they built 22 sanatoriums in the Georgian city of Tskaltubo. They are still there but abandoned. Try to visit one of them…

Big Durian Big Apple - Azalia Muchransyah, Indonesia

By juxtaposing footage from “the Big Apple” and poetic narration, Big Durian Big Apple is a visual love letter to my hometown of Jakarta, Indonesia (fondly called “the Big Durian” by its denizens).

Usporedbom snimka iz „Velike jabuke“ i poetske naracije, Big Durian Big Apple je vizuelno ljubavno pismo mom rodnom gradu Džakarti u Indoneziji (kojeg stanovnici nježno nazivaju „Veliki Durian“).

Shangri La - Carlo Christian Spano, China

This film is based on a true story about a white-collar Chinese worker that lives in Beijing. After he reads the fantasy novel “Lost horizon”, he begins an extraordinary journey with a backpack to find his “Shangri-La”. His quest to find it was so intense that he crossed 6 provinces and 12 cities, passing by the Shangri-La and the Tibet region.
On his way, he meets and talks with many travelers such as a Tibetan Thangka master, a Wudang Kong Fu master, a hundred years old Daoist priest and a philosophy professor. Once he understands their advices, he follows his own feelings to realize that he was guided to a mysterious place.

Vlasotince in my heart - Nebojsa Ilić, Serbia

Vlasotince in my heart
Having left the Croatian seacoast near Split, the members of the 8th BalkanRally travel through the beautiful Balkan countries covering 5 000km during their journey from the North West to the South East of the Balkans. Open minded, adventurous and charitable travellers, who easily cross all borders, travel, socialize with their hosts and get to know places and cultures along the way. Friendships they form are everlasting. “There is no Balkan Rally without Vlasotince. We are here because your town is a traditional part of our route. The cooperation with you gets better every year. You are the best of hosts with the biggest heart.” says Zeljan Rakela, president of BMW Motorist Club “Dalmatia” and one of the founders and executives of Balkan Rally.

7 Winter Days in Hokkaido - Snow Locals, Japan

Here is everything you'd expect from a perfect week in Hokkaido:

Deep powder, night skiing, private outdoor onsens, sushi, bustling Sapporo city evenings, cute tourist streets, ancient temples and a bluebird day overlooking the sea of Japan to finish off the trip.

Montenegro - Miki Dragicevic, Montenegro

A documentary promo tourist film with a music track in the background. The essential message of the movie is that nature is the one that is calling the tourists to visit a certain destination. With nature there are outdoor activities, culture, people, history…

Nepal - Kiran Menon, United Arab Emirates

Nepal is sometimes bypassed by travelers because they figure it’s an extension of India; it’s not. Nepal has a beautiful, fascinating, long history.We loved visiting Nepal and nepal can feel overwhelming when you first jump off the plane. “Chaos!” was the first word that came to our mind. But after few hours we learned that there is a way to get just about anything done in Nepal . If you can take this approach to travel, then you will enjoy a culturally rich and scenically spectacular time in Nepal, without having to use up all your savings.

A Dream of Myanmar - Marta Trela, Germany

Myanmar. A country that has been sleeping for a long time wakes up. With cameras in hand we try to capture the unique culture and stunning nature of this beautiful country before it changes irreversibly.

Dubrovnik riviera - Harve Tirmarche, Croatia

The four-minute film combines authentic gastronomy, magical beaches of our islands, natural beauty, sports and recreation, entertainment, cultural and historical heritage and all the benefits of the destinations recognized by many tourists of all generations.

With this promotional film, the goal was to showcase the integrated tourist products and Dubrovnik Riviera encouraging guests to get acquainted with the traditions.

Tenerife 4K - Sergey Kosov, Germany

After 3 years of work, 5 journeys to Tenerife island, 10.5 thousands of frames, 235 Gigabytes of data I am proud to present you this timelapse, which carries a part of astrophotography and the unique nature of the Teide National Park.

Thai Lapse - Paolo Benetazzo, United Kingdom

Phuket is one of the southern provinces of Thailand. It consists of the island of Phuket, the country’s largest island, and another 32 smaller islands off its coast. It lies off the west coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea.
Thai Lapse is a short film about Phuket created by us displaying a wide range of time lapses. Each time lapse is formed by hundreds of still shots. Trip with us!

I am Steiermark - Michael Schlamberger, Austria

“I am Steiermark” shows the immense variety, colour and incredible beauty of Styria. It reveals the stunning landscapes of Southern Styria through to the Dachstein Mountains of the north. Real Styrian locals – such as winemaker Tamara Kögl, dirndl designer Bettina Grieshofer and mountain and ski guide René Guhl take the viewer on an extraordinary journey through their unspoiled world to experience the country and its people at their most natural. The landscape, cuisine, culture and wide range of sporting activities highlight Styria as a premium tourist destination. Each visit to Styria will be a spectacular, fascinating and unforgettable experience.

Feel Ireland - Ion Sova, Ireland

Ireland, when you feel it, it comes from the wild life, from the nature and humanity. A bright society with strong beliefs and values in building a place where people choose to live.

Shades of Wilderness - Niklas Siemens, UAE

‘Shades of Wilderness’ is a poetic love story about a couple remembering their time in Abu Dhabi when they fell in love with each other and the whole country. We wanted to create a meaningful story that gives people something to think about combined with the beautiful nature and wilderness Abu Dhabi has to offer.

Japan - Nils Hünerfürst, Japan

This four-minute video takes us on a multifaceted tour through Japan, where music, sounds and images meet. A 14 days journey across Japan, from islands to cities, passing by oceans and mountains, capturing lives and landscapes of these wonderful and inspiring country.

Calarasi - Dumitru Grosei, Moldova

The land of Călărași is a very special place. Even though the whole of Moldova is a really charming and beautiful place, Călărași stands out because of its location. The land is situated right in the middle of the “Codrii” (ancient dense woods). This rich and beautiful location, has its own specific priorities: of history, culture, spirituality, ethnography, agriculture, crafts and customs, but also of using the ”Codrii” as a means of defense. Because of ”Codrii”, Calarasi was able to resist to all the barbaric invasions that happened in the past. Călărași is situated in the region of a great Basarabian cross, formed by four holy monasteries, Hârjauca, Frumoasa, Hârbovăț și Răciula. And if we look at the Basarabian (Moldovan) map, we can see this huge cross of these four locations.

SIRMIUM - Dušan Isaković, Serbia

A tourist – historical film about the ancient city of Sirmium.

Turističko – historijski film o antičkom gradu Sirmiumu.


Lost and Found in Amsterdam - Rose Hanawi, Netherlands

This short documentary film explores how the city of Amsterdam affected the lives, dreams and growth of the expatriates that came to live in it.
It is a picture of the young people, who come from different countries to find their way and to find themselves in Amsterdam.

Lost and Found in Amsterdam is part of a documentary series project (Lost and Found in…), in which each chapter is based on a different city.

Whispers of the water mill - Mirza Hadžić, BIH

The story about old Bosnian heritage, history and tradition. The Whispers of watter mill…

Tourist factory - Zhanna Tolstikova, Ivan Zakharenk, Russia

Tours around the important for the country productions is an opportunity to see the country from the other side. A country you want to put on pause, to see every detail. Armenia makes an impression. Armenia sets the right mood. Mineral water factory in Dilijan, Cognac factory and Carpet factory in Yerevan

Traficu - Andrea Marchese, Italy

Un racconto per immagini del percorso suggestivo che porta dai prodotti tipici siciliani alla loro diffusione nei mercati tradizionali, tra voci, colori e suoni, che riecheggiano tra le strette vie e i campi coltivati.
Un ritratto collettivo e romantico, del lavoro nei campi e quello nei mercati; una delle attività, che più ed insieme alle contingenze storico culturali, forma l'identità di un popolo.

A Gift from Rome - Kirill Neiezhmako, Ukraine

Rome, the Eternal City has endured for over 2,800 years and has a history and an appeal like no other city in the world.

Iran Tour - Benyamin Balouchi, Iran

Iran tour travel to nature iran and show beautiful place of Iran.

Visit Lika - Bobby Bosko Grubić, Croatia

Rare are the regions that imprison all the senses and fill one with peace and strength, as does the region of Lika-Senj County. The scent of sea, rock, sage, olive and bura (north wind on the coast) on one side and the scent of grass, hay, forests, fresh summers and sharp winters on the other. Part of this Mediterranean and continental mosaic that is becoming more and more sought for on the market is at the disposal of visitors through its rich gastronomic offer.
Lika is becoming an interesting destination to turists that are longing to discover new trails and explore new areas. Active vacation is offered through cycling that is developed in almost all destinations in the region, while other activities differ depending on the geographic location and the season of the year. 

Once Upon A Time in Tokyo - Joakim Lund, Norway

Joakim Lund – Once Upon A Time in Tokyo – The music video has been made entirely in Tokyo, Japan in November 2017. The combination of a fast tune, architecture and people shows us somewhat how it feels like to meet Japan for the very first time. It is both breathtaking and very enjoyable at the same time. The song was made for dancing, so hopefully that what you will do when you enjoy both the song and the video