"Schuster stairway" Part I “Old photo secret”. Vladimir Drovalen Russian Federation

Speech in our film will be about the photographer. With all due respect to the masters of light painting of the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, we will tell only about one of them. He shot Rasputin and corresponded with Mendeleev, served as a prison photographer and received The highest gratitude from Her Imperial Majesty, owned cinemas and one of the first in Siberia to shoot newsreels. And the name of our hero – Schuster!

Apeksha (Expectations) Manish Kumar Pran India

A Philosophical film on death with the use of shloka of bhagwat geeta.

Dance For The Deceased Emilijan Predrag Todorović Serbia

Vlach Ethnic Community in Serbia preserves its language, material and cultural heritage for centuries. The dance for the dead (dat uora đi pomană) is only one of a series of autochthonous rituals by which the Vlachs cultivate the cult of the dead.

Where to Dig Sacha Ferbus Belgium

A strange explorer believes that he discovered a very ancient pyramid in the heart of Balkans. Every summer, a growing community of diggers are meeting around the monument which could be broadcasting positive and healing energy. But while doing that, are they forgetting the recent past of the location ?

Pilgrim at the Romanian Nation Salvation Cathedral Dinu Cristian Romania

100,000 pilgrims were at the sanctification of the new built Romanian National Cathedral. I was there too and I decided to share all my experiences and emotions by making this short film.

From Above Liliana Constantin Romania

From Above is a short documentary which examines how a close-knit community responds to and heals from the darkness of the unknown. In the wake of an unwitnessed murder among shepherds, the locals of the small Romanian village of Sapanta wrestle with their faith, relationships and prejudices. Who is responsible for this tragedy? Was it accidental, premeditated or divine providence?

"A Well-Kept Secret" Mihkel Oksmann Estonia

The small Estonian village of Soonlepa is home to its last three residents – a witch, an artist, and a philologist. All their lives will change when Aino the witch is diagnosed with cancer.

Tales of Kokoro Mathias Monet France

“Tales of Kokoro” relates the daily life of a small village located at the heart of Benin, where legends and traditions try to adjust the newly developing country. Four stories intertwine: the death of the 108-year-old elder of the village, the daily life of a midwife, the family story of a King, and finally, the hazards of voodoo traditions inside the Christian and Muslim community.

VIVA INA: Documentary of Peñafrancia Festival Arjanmar Rebeta Philippines

This video is a 5-Year Photo & Video Documentation of the Peñafrancia Festival.

Bikolanos are known children of the Blessed Mother as they fondly called Mary as INA. This is part of Bikolano’s Catholic spirituality. Every September, all roads are leading to Naga City , Camarines Sur, Philippines where six million Bicolanos from both Bicol and abroad flock to the city to pay homage to Our Lady of Peñafrancia . Peñafrancia Festival is considered the biggest and most popular religious event in the Philippines. It is celebrated in more than 300 years in the region.

Inner Me Antonio Spanò Italy

Butembo, North Kivu, D.R. Congo
While following Jemima, a little curious girl who wanders through dusty roads, crowded markets, slaughterhouses, furnaces and bat hunters we get acquainted with three women who describe the harsh realities of being born female and deaf in a society that discriminates against both women and people with disabilities.

The stories of Immaculée, Sylvie and Stuka are stories of everyday struggle against marginalization, abuse and oppression, but despite the insurmountable obstacles imposed on them by society, the protagonists show us how their strong and undefeated will allows them to take hold of their fate every single day and reveals the beautiful resilience of the human spirit.

War of religions in my family Nedim Loncarević Bosnia and Herzegovina

At a time when religious conflicts are taking place on a global level, this documentary explores the microcosm of a Bosnian family, the Milišić.
People who carry the family name Milišić : Orthodox, Catholics and Muslims, are trying to uncover the family legend of a common ancestor named Miliša. Who are we? Where do we come from?
The portrait of the family Milišić is the portrait of today's Bosnia and Herzegovina and its inhabitants who are living on the crossroads between big cultures and religions, and who are trying to define their identity.
Even though this is a family story, it raises a universal question. To what extent can « little » people avoid conflicts they are drawn in by vast ideologies and religious belonging?

Roots Jaime Guerrero Mexico

“Roots” exposes a common day of a mosque located in Guadalajara, Mexico, something very particular within a community so rooted in Catholicism.

In Your Hand Milana Majar Bosnia and Herzegovina

Interrupted childhood. Fear, hunger and fighting. The fatherland soaked with blood. Escape from death and fleeing into the unknown…..

The way God wants people to be.. Giorgi Tkemaladze Georgia

Georgia is a little country where the people of many religions and nationalities are living together in a harmonious and respectful way. They together create interesting culture.This is a small country with a great heart. this culture and tradition reveals peoples love, here is description their respect to each other, and the way they live…

Forgotten - Mahnaz Rokni, Iran

This documentary introduces Iranian Mandaeans and their rituals. Mandaeans are the followers of John the Baptist. Baptism in living water (flowing water) is the most important part of their religion, and that’s why they mainly live in proximity of Karoon, a river in Ahwaz province in Iran. While administering baptism, both baptizer and baptism receiver, appear in white outfits, and baptizer carries a cane made of olive tree branches. Before marriage, groom and bride go through the baptism process. Mandaeans temple is called Mandi, a place for mind and mysticism, in which all wedding ceremonies are held. During the ceremony, clergy brings groom and bride’s head in contact with each other as a symbol of unified souls and minds.

Lalisbela's Swarm - Matteo Sandrini, Italy


This short documentary describes the Fasika, the Ethiopian celebration of Easter. During the Holy week, the most intense celebration begins on Holy Saturday and continues late into the night. Saturday morning, at the entrance of the churches, under a fig tree merchants sell blades of grass to passing pilgrims, which they tie around their heads to symbolise that the soul of Jesus has passed to the heaven. Pilgrims arrive to Lalibela and lie down on the ground in order to remember the sorrow of Jesus, wrapped up in a white shawl of rough cotton; symbolising peace and happiness. 

The wages of sin is death Robin Dromard Canada

The Temple of the road to heaven sings the glory of Jesus on western rhythms while the Church of St. Joseph makes the Mass in Latin. Two opposing ways of doing, but an identical discourse : the wages of sin is death.

Rise Benjamin Šehić Bosnia and Herzegovina

In the year 2060, world leaders have brought the world to it's knees through nuclear wars and controlled global warming. In order to preserve the human population, they created energy shields around the globe. After 20 years of agony, the energy shields have been disabled by an unknown force. The residents used this chance to escape but not all succeeded.

Medjugorje Man Maeve McGrath Ireland / BiH

This observational documentary follows John to this place of pilgrimage to observe the pilgrim in this place of prayer.

This film does not seek to question or answer the apparitions but to explore the journey this Irish man took each year for twenty years to find peace, solitude and a shared belief.

This was John’s last visit to Medjugorje, he now lives with dementia and is cared for by his family.

Dollhouse Reza Golchin Iran

Film about women privacy in Iran.

Bird Without Nests - Danijela Manić, Serbia

The film is about Mahbubi Tahera and her life on the migrant journey, the hardships, but also the talent she possesses.She paints, writes and fights for women's rights in Afghanistan.According to her story, the play was premiered in Bosilegrad.

Niqab; We Are Not Different - M Alfayed, Indonesia

This documentary tells the story of the experiences of veiled people.Tells about two veiled women, Umm Kalsum (19) Rini Hidayat (39).Ummi Kalsum is a university student in Yogyakarta, who had not used a veil when she was in high school in Bima and when she was in college in Yogyakarta she used it.The change was about by friends & family in Bima.Rini Hidayat is a housewife who lives in Rusunawa, since her change using her family's veil, her neighbor considers her bad.

Sacrist - Luka Klapan, Croatia

Stipe lives in the idyllic Dalmatian town of Novigrad, and is one of the few residents who still has not lost faith.Stipe is the latest witness to local traditions and customs.

The Sisters Michał Hytroś Poland

Behind the mighty eighteenth-century wall of the oldest enclosed convent in Poland – Benedictine convent in Staniatki, near Krakow – the life of twelve nuns in their 70s goes on. Despite their age and the world of rapid change, they try to comply with the rule set over ten centuries ago ‘ORA et LABORA’ each day. Our protagonists – nuns Anuncjata and Benedykta (40 years in convent) – introduce us to the world behind the wall telling us about their lives and decisions in a specific way. They show us the world of convent in true colours, without stereotypes, often touching and amusing at the same time. This is the film about silence said aloud.

Lux et Umbra - Ademir Gogic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Through the movie, we follow the life of Benjamin, from his birth to his death.Also we see what is happening in his mind, where each bulb represents the year of his life, every picture are memories, and the television are his eyes.
Born in love, living in love, surrounded by friends and family, he builds his own little universe which will fall apart at one meaningless moment.
This movie tells us how much is lost with one life and the value of it.

Crossing Slađan Stojanović Serbia

A regular day on a Border…

Finding Nasseebi Andrea Yu-Chieh Chung UAE

A soul-searching filmmaker sets out to make a documentary about the United Arab Emirates’ Islamic hotline center, where scholars answer questions and guide people towards the right path according to the Quran. As a friendship blossoms with one of the scholars, the filmmaker's relationship with a Muslim boyfriend makes her question her beliefs and the integrity of her film. This self-reflexive documentary follows one woman's journey to understand Islam and to love, regardless of differences in faith.

Flying With The Crow Hieronim Januszyk Poland

A poetic tale about a loner who found a friend not among people but among birds. In the old times the Rule perceived crows as creatures defiled with Evil. The protagonist who broke that law has to be punished. Will the power of friendship overcome superstitions and hostility?

Other Borders Turap Başel, Ahtam İbragimov Turkey

Three friends, who cannot prevent the civil war in Afghanistan from ruining their lives, come to Turkey at different times in pursuit of a new hope. After a long, dangerous journey and several borders crossed, the ‘other borders’, where they seek refuge in the hope that everything will be better, becomes the beginning of a new struggle and another tough war. The three friends, after the troubles they endured in the city, both make their livings through paper and scrap collection, and begin sending money to their families, who are still struggling in the middle of the war. ‘Other borders’, is the story of three friends, who escaped from the war in their country, to fight other battles…